Satellite Club – Murphysboro

We have successfully laughed a Satellite Club in Murphysboro, IL.

The Rotary Satellite Club of Carbondale-Murphysboro meets on the first and thrid TUESDAY of each month (noon) – via ZOOM.

Link to their events on their facebook page:

They also record meetings which can be found on their YOUTUBE Channel – ROTARY MURPHYSBORO

The  Officers for the 2021/2022 Rotary Year for the Satellite Club are as follows:

Club Chair: Brooke Guthman

Chair-Elect: VACANT

Chair Nominee: VACANT


Secretary: Kelsey Wright

Secretary-Elect: VACANT

Treasurer: Kelsey Wright


Committee Chairs

Youth & Community Service Committee – co-Chairs: Brooke Guthman and Kelsey Wright

International Service Committee – co-Chairs: Shane Hermetz and Harvette Grey 

Membership and Public Image Committee – Chair: Shane Hermetz

Rotary International Foundation Committee – co-Chairs: Brooke Guthman and Shane Hermetz