Club Officers

The Club Officers for the 2020/2021 Rotary Year are as follows:

Club President: Richard Morse

President-Elect: Jerry Molumby

President Nominee: Faith Miller

President Nominee Delegate: Cindy Buys

Secretary: Shane Hermetz

Secretary-Elect: Richard Morse

Treasurer: Jim Grant


Committee Chairs

Centennial Celebration Committee – Chair – Kristine Mc Guire

Club Administration Committee – co-Chairs: Jim Grant & Jerry Molumby

Club Foundation Committee – Chair Jan Payne

Community Service Committee – Chair Gail White

International Service Committee – Chair Ella Lacey

Membership Committee – Chair: Brooke Guthman

Music Committee – Chair Allan Bennett

Programming Committee – Chair Linda Flowers

Public Relations Committee – Chair: Sharon Harris Johnson

Rotary International Foundation Committee – co-Chairs: Kristine Mc Guire & Jim Grant

Special Projects Committee – Chair Jerry Molumby

Youth Service Committee – Chair Ginger Murray