March 4, 2020 – Highlights Of our Weekly Club Meeting

Here is a quick summary from our March 4, 2020 club meeting:

Rick Morse was our greeter. We started the meeting with the National Anthem with Gail White on the piano. Allen Bennett shared a moment of reflection, lead us in song, and introduced our guests today, Mr. Jake James and Mrs. Sierra Allen.

Club announcements:

  • Club Foundation Challenge – The Rotarian donation challenge continues. For the month of March, the challenge goes to Gil Kroening. Moving forward, Jerry Molumby will match for April, Jim Grant will match for May, Gayla Borgognoni will match for June, and Ginger Murray will match for July. Thanks again to all sponsors and donors to our club!

 Club Centennial Update – Today, we updated the ‘100 Little Things’ Project Board. Next week we will announce more details for the Centennial year celebration.

  • Membership Drive – REMINDER, it is time to grow ROTARY. If you have friends and neighbors considering a service club, it is time to introduce them to Rotary. As part of our Membership drive, we will waive fees for meals for a period of 3 months and we will discount meals by 50% for the next 9 months.
  • District – President Elect training is March 21 & 22 in Effingham.


Good News shared today:

  • Linda Flowers shared that she was recently recognized as a community leader at a recent SIU game – Congratulations Linda!!!
  • Gayla Borgonononi shared the wonderful new of a new grand-daughter. Congratulations Gayla!
  • Faith Miller shared news of the upcoming community dental days.


Our Sergeant-at-Arms passed the collection basket, and reminded all Rotarians to wear GREEN next week for Saint Patricks Day..

Our guest speaker this week was Mr. John Shaw, Director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute. Mr. Shaw spoke of statesmanship. So the first question is ‘What is statesmanship?’ Statesmanship is leadership with a sense of vision, combined with courage, effectiveness, and civility. Mr. Shaw discussed some of our great statesmen – Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy, along with multiple other elected politicians. In a time of partisanship and polarization, Mr. Shaw reminded us of why we need cooler heads and that we need to work together as a society to address our needs. Thank you to Mr. Shaw for a great presentation!


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