Weekly Meeting – Nov 20, 2019 – Highlights

Our Meeting held on November 20, 2019 was very interesting to say the least. Dan Kimmel was our greeter. We started the meeting with the National Anthem with Gail White on the piano. Will Travelstead shared a moment of reflection from Mae West, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”. Gil Kroening announced that we had no guests present.

Club announcements:

  • We will be having an UGLY Sweater Contest at the December 18th Club meeting – There will be a prize for the fan favorite.
  • District Grant Project Update – Center for Empowerment and Justice –Computer has been installed. Microsoft Office 365 has been installed. We are also going to purchase Adobe Creative software, which is currently in progress. The last part of the project is electrician work and new LED lighting for parts of the building.

 Rotaract meeting: The Saluki Rotaract club will soon be electing its officers. There are four (4) interested students at SIU that are organizing the Saluki Rotaract activities. Stay tuned.

 Salvation Army – Bell Ringer SignupOur Club will be Salvation Army Bell Ringers at the Carbondale Kroger main entrance on Mondays and Wednesdays in December. Dates are: DEC 2,4,9,11,16,18. Our time slot is 4-5PM. A sign up was passed around and will be passed around again next meeting. Feel free to join a fellow Rotarian!! Here are the duties so far:

    1. December 2nd : Shane Hermetz
    2. December 4th : Jerry Molumby
    3. December 9th – 4-430 PM – Linda Flowers & Brooke Guthman
    4. December 9th – 430-5PM – Rick Morse
    5. December 11th 4-4:15PM – Gayla Borgognoni & Brad Austin
    6. December 11th 4:15-4:30 PM –Brad Austin
    7. December 11th 4:30-5PM – Allen Bennett
    8. December 16th – Gil Kroening
    9. December 18th – Sharon Lorinskas
  • Centennial Committee – the concept of developing a theme around the idea of doing 100 Little Things in our Community was discussed.
  • Social Media Update – Check out our new website, rotaryofcarbondale.org. If you have photos that you wanted shared on social media (Facebook or Instagram) please send them to Sharon Harris Johnson.

Good news to share this week.


  • Rick Morse shared that the local Boy Scouts recently collected 20,000 food items.
  • Ginger Murray reminded those of us that need to take a minimum distribution from their IRA that a non-tax donation to Rotary is possible.
  • Kristine McGuire shared info regarding the Alto Pass Pottery Sale.
  • Jeff Grubbs shared info on the Police Department to donate coats to those in need.
  • Carl Flowers announced that he and his wife Linda were both celebrating birthdays.
  • Harvette Grey shared the news of writing and editing a book for Oxford Press.
  • Gayla Borgononi shared info on the Foundation grant program and the upcoming deadline in December.
  • Brooke Guthman shared the news that she has been accepted in the Delta Leadership Institute, a program of the Delta Regional Authority.

Today’s guest speakers were Aaron and Maria Jones, owners and operators of Culvers of Carbondale and Marion. Aaron Jones opened by sharing how the pair transitioned  from their current careers into the Culvers business. The Marion Culvers opened in 2016, while the Carbondale location opened in August 2018. The list of Community projects reminded us of 100 Little Things:

Support of local FFA projects,

Honor Flight Program

local Farm Bureau activities

Local school support of positive behavior programs


Superhero 5k

SIU athletics, local school bands, local parades, etc

By the end of the meeting, everyone was craving a Butter Burger. Thank you to Aaron and Maria Jones for the dessert bar (YUMMY) and the great presentation.

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